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Move to Github done smoothly

The Jajuk issue tracker and the Git repository are now moved to GitHub (see previous article for the context).

Repository move

Obviously and by nature, the Git repository move has been very simple. I just had to drop my previous origin (pointing to the gitorious project url), to add the new Github origin and to push all my branches. The push of the master branch toke around 30 mins and the others branches (develop, hotfix) almost no time at all. Note that the -u option used in the push command recreates the upstream tracking references.

git remote del origin
git remote add origin
git push -u origin master

The only problem occurred when dropping our Gitorious repository (error 500 -> timeout?)

Issue tracker move

I tried several Trac to Github migration tools, most of them didn't work and finaly settled down with trac2github. It is written in PHP, reads the database (supports mysql, postgres and sqlite) and call the GitHub REST API V3 to create the tickets. It creates the milestones, labels, tickets and comments with good defaults. It had some bugs when working with a postgres database and I has to patch it (two of my push request has been integrated). I also pushed a patch to obfuscate emails from comments.

I also figured out another problem (not linked with the migration tool) : we used the DeleteTicket Trac plugin to drop spam tickets but GitHub issues ids have to be continuous. Origin and destination issues ids are hence now shifted, this is a problem when the code comments have references to a ticket number but we had no solutions for this problem AFAIK.

Have a look at the brand new issue tracker ! :