Linux on a VIA ME6000 and external hard disk real howto

Bertrand Florat
Creation: 2005/01/26
Release: 1.0
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My goal was pretty simple: install a Linux distribution on a VIA ME6000 Mini-ITX PC without internal disk to be able to remove the case pan (ME6000 card has no pan) in order to get a 0 db Linux Box. Actually, it toke me near than two months to achieve it despite the little help from various howtos (knoppix howto on VIA for example) and forums. Some of the problems I get came from the CPU and some others from the fact I booted from an external usb disk.

Distribution choice

I've choosen Mandrake 10.1 that work perfectly on my box despite the fact I prefered Suse. I tried:

How to boot from an external USB hard disk real howto

First of all, current bios makes very hard to boot from USB hard drives. It is near impossible to make it work, especially if you won't re-partitionate your disk. I tried about one month, reading tons of forums threads, howto, dist docs... I gave up to boot from USB hard disk but I managed to create a Boot CD. It is very simple indeed under Mandrake (when you know the right command):